Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Position and Orientation- Room 7

Position and Orientation Orienteering and Bee-Bots on PhotoPeach

Room 13 Camp 2017

Kia Ora Parents and Caregivers

Excitement, challenge, teamwork, cooperation and achievement were the ingredients of the 3 day excursion, and you can rest assured your child got 100% out of the whole experience.

We had one hundred percent participation for all activities, and a big part of that was the way the children encouraged each other to take on new challenges, and face some fears.

One of the big highlights was the Flying Kiwi, and here are a bunch of pictures.  Hopefully I got one of everyone, if there are any missing have your child talk to me at school so we can have a search to double check.

It looks like there is a picture of them waiting, then of them flying which should make it easier to spot them.

All the best
Mr Phillpotts