Saturday, 24 June 2017

Year 4kiwi trip

On a freezing cold morning in June, all Year 4 classes travelled by bus to Lake Opouahi, Tutira, to see the kiwi chicks at the PanPac Kiwi Crèche before they were released back into the wild. The last five chicks were having their health checks to see if they were big enough and strong enough to survive on their own in the Kaweka Ranges. We all were allowed to pat a little chick. It was such a special time. We formed two circles and it was absolutely silent while we all patted the chick with one finger down it's back. 
We had a walk around the lake and noticed all the traps along the way to catch ferrets, rats or weasels that might have made their way into the enclosure. 
It was a great way to finish our inquiry into how are we making a difference to the conservation of NZ's flora and fauna.

Book Fair Fun

The pirate themed Book Fair was a huge success last week. Room 20 was transformed into a book lover's heaven! There were suitcases and tables overflowing with books, puzzles and colouring books. Our treasure maps from Room 12 adorned the back wall and pirate character sketches looked over the people who had come to buy books with their children. We had a dress up day on the last day and everyone came dressed as a book character. Our whole school had a parade and there were prizes for the best book character at each year group. We shared pirate stories with our year 1 buddies and played games. It was a fun week.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

MTG Trip to discover books!

As part of our inquiry this term, Room 5 went on a trip to the MTG in Napier to learn and discover all about books. 

We learnt about how books were made, the history of books, different types of books and also about some of the first books in New Zealand. 

It was a great way to tune the children in to an inquiry and they now want to go on and write their own books. 

Room 7 - Self portraits

Meet the children in Room 7 through their self portraits.  We used mirrors, measurement and careful observation to create these works of art and are very proud of our efforts.

 Portraits on PhotoPeach

Face Sculptures inspired by Picasso

Our inquiry into the artist Picasso, and 'faces', inspired us to think about using collage and junk materials to create our own sculptural faces.  We built up facial features using different objects and through carefully about balancing the spaces.

Face Sculptures on PhotoPeach

Face Sculptures on PhotoPeach


In Room 6 we have been looking at fables and how they teach us different lessons such as 'always be honest' and 'one good turn deserves another'. We then made puppet shows and performed them to the children of Room 21.


Room 3 went to Guthrie Smith Camp on the first week of Term 2. We wrote poems about our personal experiences while there. We used various sketching techniques to illustrate them.

We used crayon and dye batik to illustrate some of the activities we did at camp.

Writing character portraits

For Discovery learning the children in Room 4 found out how to make printing blocks using foam and cardboard. They learned how to ink up with rollers and printing ink and had fun making prints with different colour combinations.

Room Four children have written character portraits using their favourite book characters. Then they made paper bag  puppets of the characters.  


In Room 6 we explored similes. While exploring similes we found a song that used similes and wrote our songs in a similar fashion.