Saturday, 24 June 2017

Year 4kiwi trip

On a freezing cold morning in June, all Year 4 classes travelled by bus to Lake Opouahi, Tutira, to see the kiwi chicks at the PanPac Kiwi Crèche before they were released back into the wild. The last five chicks were having their health checks to see if they were big enough and strong enough to survive on their own in the Kaweka Ranges. We all were allowed to pat a little chick. It was such a special time. We formed two circles and it was absolutely silent while we all patted the chick with one finger down it's back. 
We had a walk around the lake and noticed all the traps along the way to catch ferrets, rats or weasels that might have made their way into the enclosure. 
It was a great way to finish our inquiry into how are we making a difference to the conservation of NZ's flora and fauna.

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