Monday, 4 September 2017


In room 5 we have had a large focus on respect this term as has the rest of the middle team. 
Each week we have something new to think about in our class newsletter and we have been trying very hard to move up our class learner licence by showing respect in many different ways. 
We also learnt that we need to show respect to each other! 
We were lucky enough to have Thomas Kupa from Kupa International Martial Arts School come in and give us a talk about respecting each other. 
Thomas taught us how to use our voices to stop someone from hurting us and he also told us a simple 4 letter word to use if we are in trouble or need help. 
S- top
T- hink
A- ct
R- eflect

Here we are working with and listening to Thomas and his important message. 

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